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Yahoo! & Bing Search Allaince News

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The Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance is a major initiative between our companies to create a competitive choice in search for advertisers and consumers. The combined scale will assist both companies in speeding the pace of innovation to improve the search user experience, as well as help advertisers get better results, and help improve monetisation for partners.

Already implemented in the U.S. and Canada,  the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance  enables both companies to maintain their own search brands and differentiated consumer search experiences, while the back-end technologies for algorithmic and paid search results on both Yahoo! Search and Bing are powered by Microsoft platforms.

Yahoo! and Microsoft will each provide customer support to different advertiser segments: Yahoo!’s sales team will exclusively support high volume advertisers, large agencies, resellers and their clients. Microsoft will support self-service advertisers. In addition, Microsoft Advertising adCenter will be the platform for all search marketing campaigns.

More volume, less effort.
Search ad inventory from Yahoo!, Microsoft, and their respective partners will be combined into a new, unified search marketplace, giving advertisers of all sizes access to a combined audience of 557 million unique searchers worldwide1. In the UK and France, Yahoo! and Microsoft will combine their existing marketplaces. In other markets throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America, this transition will be seamless as Microsoft is already an existing Yahoo! partner, drawing from the Yahoo! marketplace.

We anticipate starting the organic and paid search transitions in select markets in Europe in early 2011, and plan to complete the transitions with quality in all European markets by early 2012. We intend to start with the UK, France and Ireland, with other markets to follow. Please note that if we feel that it would improve the overall experience, we may adjust the timing of the transitions.

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