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Free Marketing Guide to China Part 2

A quick reminder to all of you working in the Chinese Market, MarketingSherpa has released the second part of their free two part report on the subject (part 1 covered here) It focuses on mobile marketing, search marketing, and Internet ads.

Special Report Part II: Internet Marketing in China — 100 Million Chinese Online & Counting

When it comes to the Internet, China ranks #2 globally with over 100 million Internet users – or just under 10% of the 1.3 billion population.

Although Google offers PPC ads to its Chinese audience, you need to remember that Baidu is the top search engine and Yahoo! runs second. Google is in third place. So, definitely test buys on Google, but treat these as supplemental buys and focus your efforts on larger search engines (for now anyway.)

This report is free to view for the next 10 days and can be seen in full here.

Source: MarketingSherpa

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  2. AvatarDavid Temple says:

    Thanks Nick, another great article on China by Marketing Sherpa. With China’s rapid internet growth it seems that everybody is interested and watching. AdTech’s show in San Francisco this month reflects the interest with a keynote by James McGregor, author of “One Billion Customers: Lesson From The Front Lines of Doing Business With China” and an international lucheon sponsored by Marketing China Inc.

  3. AvatarNick Wilsdon says:

    No problem Dan/Steve. That’s a great site you have there yourself, very informative.

  4. AvatarChina Law Blog says:

    Nice post. Thanks.

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