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MSN Search not bothered about Germany?

I manage to get back to my homeland (England) occasionally on business and now and then get across the pond to the USA for conferences etc. Each time I go there, I normally catch on the Hotel television an advertisement for MSN Search or billboard or see in newspapers advertisements for the now not so new MSN Search.

Yet in Germany MSN is really languishing behind Google (+80% search market share) with it has to be said, quite a pitiful share in the search market, you’d think they’d be making more of an effort to be making in roads. I expected a lot of more advertisement on German TV / Radio and in the Press, but it hasn’t come, in fact I believe its only SEOs and a few Webmasters that even know that MSN Search have brought out there own search engine technology. Maybe Microsoft’s millions will hit German advertisers soon. I do know however that they are failing completely in my opinion to market MSN Search effectively in Germany.

This by the way, is why a sponsored listing campaign focusing on the German market should bear in mind that Google is by far the most used search engine and perhaps a PPC campaign should consider its PPC budget accordingly.

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6 Responses to MSN Search not bothered about Germany?

  1. Alan Webb says:

    The figures are quoted on various resources such as http://www.webmasterworld.com/forum18/945.htm
    (Covers a fair few #European search engines)



    Hope that helps

  2. Keesjan Deelstra says:

    Hi iam also lookign for reliable search marketing share for european countries for Google, MSN, yahoo! and ASK.

    Allan, where did you get the +80% from?

  3. Marina Zaliznyak says:

    I’m looking for information about Google’s, Yahoo’s and MSN’s marketshare breakdown in the following countries:

    Germany, Italy, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, France and the UK.

    Anyone who has the scoop on this from a known authority?

  4. Lorraine says:

    Whilst MSN etc are focussing on their old markets there are other still small search engines getting a foothold in Europe. Seekport for instance (ex infoseek and fireball technology)has started in Spain, Italy, France, Germany and the UK

  5. Alan Webb says:

    Ouch@90% (for MSN anyway)
    Can you see any marketing efforts by MSN to push MSN Search in Spain?

    My thoughts are that MSN and Yahoo! have mainly focused on their own US market and piled in the marketing millions locally. I don’t think it is coincidence that where they are stongest they have advertised strongly. It’s the ole comfort zone classic. Get more of the share where you are already doing well, rather than go for the challenge and risk going for gold abroad. I agree it isnt their wisest strategy. Perhaps however they are going for one market at a time and will focus on the rest of Europe at a later date. Why they didn’t coordinate a massive worldwide advertising campaign at their best opportunity (MSN Search launch) is beyond me though.


  6. Marina says:

    if you thought Google’s 80% market share in Germany was serious, what do you think about 90% in Spain?

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