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Naver Unveils Mobile Shopping Platform, European Online Spending Predictions

12 February 2015 – Global Marketing News

Naver unveils new mobile shopping platform

The Korean search engine Naver has announced that it will be introducing a mobile shopping platform later this year.

With smartphone penetration at over 100% in the country, and over a third of all search queries on Naver being shopping-related, Naver is concerned about the fact that, in their own words: “Everyone knows that Naver is not No. 1 in the mobile business”.

Under the proposed updates, when users search for shopping-related keywords, they will be able to see prices, reviews and brands. They will also be able to pay using Naver’s own payment system, called Naver Pay, making Naver a one-stop platform for mobile shopping.

Naver’s head of services departments said: “This year will be an important time for figuring out how to streamline search results and the shopping business in mobile. Providing a satisfying mobile shopping experience is a matter of survival for all mobile platform service providers. Through this service, Naver will provide a satisfying shopping experience based on search.”

European online spending predictions

RetailMeNot has released data predicting how Europeans will spend online over the next two years.

The research revealed that Britons are the most frequent online shoppers, making an average of 21.1 online purchases per year.

Germany is predicted to be the fastest growing online marketplace of 2015, with experts forecasting that Germans will spend over £44 billion online this year. Poland is expected to be the fastest growing ecommerce market of 2016, however, with a predicted 22.5% growth rate.

On the other end of the spectrum, Sweden is the slowest growing European ecommerce marketplace. However, it is also the most mature market, with almost 70% of the population engaging in online shopping, and Swedes also spend the most money per translation.

Ecommerce Behaviour and Trends Report

Ecommerce Behaviour and Trends Report

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Italians watch the most videos on mobile in Europe

Research by Ofcom has revealed that Italians are the most prolific mobile video viewers in Europe.

The report showed that 73% of tablet owners in Italy watched videos on their devices, along with 68% of mobile phone owners.

This means that more Italians watch videos on their portable devices than any of the other big EU-5 countries of Spain, Germany, France and the UK.

Germany came second place for video viewing on tablets, and Spain came second place for video viewership on mobile phones.

The most popular type of video in Italy was short clips, with only 11% of Italian mobile phone users and 27% of tablet users using their devices to stream films or watch video-on-demand, and only 10% of mobile users and 28% of tablet users choosing to watch TV.

India and Vietnam have the slowest internet traffic in Asia

India and Vietnam have the slowest internet traffic in Asia, according to a study by Akamai.

The average internet speed in Vietnam is a mere 2.5 Mbps (megabits per second), up 22% on the average Vietnamese internet speed in 2013 but still slower than all other countries in Asia, apart from India.

The study revealed that internet speeds were slow for both broadband internet and mobile internet users in Vietnam.

The Asian countries with the fastest internet speeds were South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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