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Orkut is visiting Brazil

Orkut Buyukkokten, the engineer behind Google’s social network website, is visiting Brazil for the first time.

He is in Rio de Janeiro this week, and will visit São Paulo (including a breakfast at GooglePlex with a select group of clients) next week and after that Belo Horizonte, where Google has a research&development facility.

Orkut is the #1 website in Brazil and 8th in the world. 57% of Orkut users are from Brazil, accounting for more than 22 million of unique visitors/month. USA stands at second place, with 18% of users.

Here’s a link to my personal blog with a photo and here is Orkut’s photo album in Brazil.

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  1. sanjeev sharma says:


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  3. vivek menon says:

    why brazil are lendin money from world bank

  4. suraj says:

    i like this

  5. Darnell Clayton says:

    Is this his first time in Brazil? I thought he visited before with the Google CEO?

    Either way, thanks for the info regarding this!


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