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PR Firms and Social Media: a Global View

A Latin American Communications Firm (Mazalan Comunicaciones) recently published the results of a survey that they applied in 26 countries to 40 Marketing Communications and PR firms to ask them about the tools they are using at the moment both to send information to journalists and other SEM activities.Agencies and firms around the world including countries like UK, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Denmark, Spain, Saudi Arabia, among others participated in this research which results in a very interesting global view.Although the most popular tools to send across information to journalists and mass media are still the telephone and the email, there is a common interest in social media and so far Twitter is the most used.When asking these companies what social media are they using to share information on their clients the results were as they follow (some of them clicked more than one so that is way the percentage shows as over 100%).

  • Facebook 61%
  • Linkedin 47%
  • Hi5  3%
  • Twitter 67%
  • Youtube 61%
  • Other 17%

Indeed Twitter is quite appreciated by the UK PR firms which are currently using it. It is interesting to see that Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube are coming up quite strong, however still Linkedin has the best reputation for doing B2B Social Media without spamming.When asking these companies if they are using paid search or any other SEM activity to support their PR activities, almost half said they are doing something.

  • Yes 43%
  • No15%
  • Not yet 43%

An agency in Brazil said that there is a great opportunity to try to measure the results of social media, whist other countries think having a space there allows to have specific conversations with the different audiences, therefore sending more targeted messages. According to another agency from Germany, social media have changed the speed for delivering and receiving information. Another Communications firm from Spain said that it is important to manage social media and have a proper plan, as it is not something to dedicate just 30 minutes per day, but include in the plans and activities.It is great to see that overall, all PR and Communications firms around the world are sharing that interest. Probably is also the fact that the journalists and media are the early adopters of the web 2..To read more about the survey in Spanish go to:http://blog.mazalan.com/2009/08/redes-sociales-una-vision-global.html

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Ana Leckenby

Director of Strategy & Analytics at Webcertain

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