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Russian Rambler sells TV business

Rambler [LSE: RMG] has decided to sell their TV business ‘Rambler TV’ to Osgora Productions Ltd, a 100 pct subsidiary of Prof-Media, a Russian media holding company for US$23.

According to their press release this will allow them to “concentrate on growing its core Russian language internet business”. They have recently made some interesting moves in the area of video content sharing (Rambler Vision) and video blogging (Rambler Planet).

Rambler hold 17-18% market share in Russia, but Google has been making ground and they are fighting it out for second place position. According to LiveInternet, Google now overtakes them occasionally.

Yandex still leads the pack with around 60% market coverage (enhanced by their alliance with Mail.ru, the Russian ‘Hotmail’).

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3 Responses to Russian Rambler sells TV business

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  2. AvatarDavid Temple says:

    Google is bound and determined to rule the world. What on earth can they do to overtake search engines like Baidu in China and Yandex in Russia? Will they truly ever get there or are they just fighting for market share?

    I think Baidu and Yandex have to keep innovating and working on keeping the loyalty of their users if they want to maintain the lead. In some ways I think Yandex made a good move int that direction by focusing on developing the “Russian language internet business”. Who needs You Tube when you’ve got Ramber Vision? Thanks for keeping us informed.

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