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Russian .SU Increases Stakes in ICANN Fight

As reported in February, ICANN is continuing attempts to delete the .SU (Soviet Union) domain extension. Pressure has increased after the successful decommissioning of the .YU (Yugoslavia) address this week, where operators for the new extensions .RS for Serbia and .ME for Montenegro agreed to migrate existing users.

ICANN has again, “urged the current .SU operators to make it clear to the .SU registrants the issues surrounding the domain, as well as to freeze new registrations until its future is clear” .

In response the .SU operators have announced an 80% price cut to celebrate their 17 year anniversary and plans for a new IDN .SU. This would bring the pricing for .SU into line with .RU and boost registration numbers.

While the .SU operators are keen to stress “relations are friendly”, this dispute is gaining momentum.

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