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Search increased with 200% in Sweden

Internet media is growing rapidy in Sweden with an increase of 40% in spending from last year. In total the mediaspending increased with 7% for all offline and online medias. The total media spending in Sweden is now 7,8 billion SEK.
Search is by far the most rapidly growing channel in the media category with an increase of 200%, from the same period last year!

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One Response to Search increased with 200% in Sweden

  1. Sara Andersson says:

    Theese figures come from the Media Spending Institute (IRM Media) and they dont report that but I will definetly try to get numbers on that for you. The internet penetration is very high in Sweden, about 90% and many of thoose have high speed access so I wouldnt guess there would be a huge change there. The reason is more likely to be that the advertisors and media agencies have woken up to search!

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