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Google Maps in Sweden

So, finally we will see a Google maps section in Sweden! Great to see it launching but It will probably not be a big difference from the big Google map we have already seen apart from local content. The local … Read More

SEMPO Scandinavia WG – First launch event in Stockholm

SEMPO’s overall efforts this year is to focus on three main objectives: launching and expanding a search marketing training program, expanding SEMPO’s global presence, and continuing to build on its industry-leading research. For SEMPO, global expansion starts with individual members … Read More

SMX in Stockholm!

SMX just launched that they will do an event in Stockholm 30th of Oct and 1st of Nov. this will be right after the emetrics two day event, so I am sure people might be able to buy a ticket … Read More

Eastpoint goes Miami

Eastpoint has bought MIG in Sweden and is now moving towards the US market with a new entity in Miami under their entity Getupdated. They will service the US market with the same services as the Swedish market: search marketing … Read More

Sweden's Eniro is buying bubblare.se

Eniro has bought 48.1 % of Netclips who owns the video clip community bubblare.se.
They want to strengthen their position in the market and have a more vertical approach and of course the ability to compete with more videorelated content in the fields of search. With the recent new launch of their maps and search ability they are predicted to grow as a strong player in the Swedish search landscape. … Read More

Gmail – emails are still not found

People in Sweden are still reporting that they’ve had problems with Gmail and that their email from the beginning of January still hasn’t been found. Google says its fixed and hasn’t been a problem after December 2006, but it seems … Read More

Eniro.se relaunch

Eniro has relaunched their website and claim to have a better service now. They are still using Googles search index but is integrating it better now with their other services on maps and address-information. For instance, they provide you additional … Read More

Google News in Sweden

Google News has launched a Beta version in Sweden. http://news.google.se/ The newspapers are abit scared and headlines are out about the incident in Belgium when Google got sued for linking to newspapers in the region. The Newspapers in Belgium won … Read More

New search engine in Sweden – Sesam.se

Sesam.se is a new search engine in Sweden that is launched by Schibstedt. Interrestingly enough they are trying to go up against Google and MSN to become the best local search engine. Their strategy is to work more with pics … Read More

Internet World conference summary

The conference was full of motivated people and interestingly enough more and more people have tried search. In fact in a survey conducted during the conference the attendants were asked what type of webmarketing activities they are currently working with. … Read More