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SEMPO Scandinavia’s first launch event in Stockholm attracted 120 visitors!

As SEMPO is a fairly unknowned brand in the region it was not many that thought the SEMPO Scandinavian event was going to be as big as it turned out to be!

The group managed to attract 120 people to the event where 4 search engines, Eniro, Yahoo, Microsoft and Sesam had 15 min each to talk about their view on the market. As people in Sweden are not famous for having tonnes of questions in hand, they listened well and the response that was passed on to the members of the SEMPO Scandinavia group later was very positive about the new initiative and activity in the market.

SEMPO Scandinavia is now planning to do similar events in all of the Scandinavian markets and key focus is to update the market and drive search marketing in the overall marketing mix and create debates and more interaction.

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