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SEO Specialists Monitoring The September 18 Google Panda Rollout In Australia

Word spread around of another Google Panda update in the SEO world. However, Matt Cutts later tweeted it was just an update to the diversity of domains in search results.

At a recent SEO seminar in Australia, all involved in the search industry discussed the recent changes in Google, prior to the notification from Google many believed it was just the diversity of domains update.

On the 18th of September, Google announced via twitter of another Google Panda roll out which will see many fluctuation in rankings over the next few days which will affect up to 0.7% of search queries.

Recent studies in Australia by Maps Gurus SEO have shown that the amount of search queries affected by this change are as high as 1.3%

Search specialists in Australia are baffled with the amount of times daily queries are fluctuating, many websites are changing from position 3 to position 8 for a specific term in the space of 15 minutes.

This notice on the 18th of September has definitely put all involved in Search in Australia on high alert as this roll out seems to be affecting more search queries than other countries. So far, out of all categories affected, some of the most fluctuating keyword categories are SEO and Internet Marketing!

This recent algorithm has forced many senior search managers to rethink there online marketing strategies especially in the search field and look at adopting better practices to avoid future roll outs which might in fact harm their niche.

Any further information about this search engine update, not only Australian but worldwide impact, will be presented once the roll out has finished and search rankings stabilise.

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John Vlasakakis is the Co-Director of Australian SEO company Maps Gurus, one of the leading SEO companies in the country, providing SEO advice to many of Australia’s largest corporations. Initially starting his career in sales for SEO, John developed a passion for developing productive SEO campaigns for many companies which has gained millions in revenue since.

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  1. SEO Specialists Australia says:

    Google panda roll out is such a disaster for seo people. Thanks for making us aware of such a good information.

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