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Social Networking catching up with Traditional Internet Portals

A study by Web Stats company Compete provides insight on social networking growth and how traffic levels compare to portals. The analysis concludes that social networks are gathering significant momentum and are catching up with “traditional portals”.

The results presented have raised some questions, however the trend is there for all to see.

Read/Write Web provides information on users behaviour and top web 2.0 applications for the following countries:

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Sante J. Achille

3 Responses to Social Networking catching up with Traditional Internet Portals

  1. Sante J. Achille says:

    In a post dating back to march of this year I have picked up this topic in a post called what is folksonomy ? There are different forces at work here, one purely technological I attribute to the increase in broadband DSLs, the other is an ease to publish content. DSL is now a commodity for many, more and more people live the online experience as an integral part of their daily chores.
    The other is just how easy it is to go online and speak your mind without having to know HTML FTP CSS ecc.ecc. That makes a big difference.

    The combination of these effects is enabling people and creating networks. I think this is the driver of Web 2.0 which by the way is using RSS technology that dates back to the mid 90s …

  2. Kristjan Mar Hauksson says:

    Web 2.0 – The Internet is evolving, ain’t it?
    The latest (maybe not the but..) Jargon in the world of the Internet is “Web 2.0”, while every evolution of software seams to have a evolving number the Internet has stayed the same. Windows Office has gone from 95 to 2003 (2006) and my favored videogame has gone through at least five stages. So why has the Internet not? Well some say it has and some say it’s still evolving and has not left 1.0, is at most around 1.01. But those who do say it has evolved say it’s now at version 2.0. So what is the different? Though this is more based on subjectivity, but it might be worth thinking about, is the Internet evolving and how? Here are couple of need articles on Web 2.0 worth browing through. One at Media Shift and one one from o’Reilly.

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