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Statistics on internet access in Italy by AUDIWEB


Audiweb, powered by nielsen, has published panel data gathered in the month of May.

  • 24 million users went online at least once during the month of may, 2008, a 5% increase compared to April
  • The number of users increases to 25,6 million if instant messaging and software to download music or films are included
  • The average Italian user went online 30 times and was connected for an average of 21,5 hours (30 minutes more than previous month) totalizing 1.650 page views
  • 19,6 million domestic users (+8% from April) averaging over 14 hours online with an average of 1.170 page views
  • Consumer electronic websites were up 6% with 15,7 million visitors: forums and news sites were those showing the most significant increase to 6,9 million
  • 7 million flocked to price comparison shopping portals and online purchasing guideline sites (+10% )
  • 5,9 million went to online game sites (+12%)
  • 3,3 million searched for friends and romance (+26%)
  • 5,3 million were in search for wellness and body building (+14%)
  • 4,2 million were on the outlook for webistes on food and cuisine (+22%)
  • 4,2 million took an interest in DIY and gardening (+15%)


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