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Switzerland and Slovakia are Europe's biggest gainers in Economist's e-readiness rankings

Whilst Denmark retains the top spot as the leading e-ready nation even beating the US, Slovakia has moved up 5 places in the rankings from a lowly 39th last year to 34th in 2005 in the latest e-readiness rankings from the Economist.

The Economist Intelligence Unit regularly publishes its e-readiness rankings which are a measure of the country’s e-business including such factors as broadband availability and mobile penetration. The latest report has also taken more account of public-access wireless ‘hotspots’.

European nations do well in the 65 nation study taking many of the top spots. The full list is available at the Economist Intelligence Unit – here is a list of the European nations in order of rank:

  • Denmark 1st
  • Sweden 3rd
  • Switzerland 4th
  • UK 5th
  • Finland 6th
  • Netherlands 8th
  • Norway 9th
  • Germany 12th
  • Austria 14th
  • Ireland 15th
  • Belgium 17th
  • France 19th
  • Spain 23rd
  • Italy 24th
  • Portugal 25th
  • Estonia 26th
  • Slovenia 27th
  • Greece 28th
  • Czech republic 29th
  • Hungary 30th
  • Poland 32nd
  • Slovakia 34th
  • Latvia 37th
  • Lithuania 40th
  • Bulgaria 42nd
  • Turkey 43rd
  • Romania 47th
  • Russia 52nd
  • Ukraine 57th

Economist Intelligence Unit

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