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Taiwan's President takes Google and Yahoo to task

Chen Shui Bian, Taiwan President, lashed out at Google and Yahoo accusing them of ignoring free speech for the sake of profits. President Chen make his remarks during the 17th annual commemorative ceremony for human rights activist Cheng Nan Jung. Cheng had published a weekly magazine in Taiwan that protested government intervention of freedom of the press. Cheng was charged with insurrection in 1989 for reprinting a draft constitution for the Republic of Taiwan. He refused to appear in court and when the police arrived to arrest him, he committed suicide by setting himself on fire.

“I again call on China’s Communist government and on multinationals that have sacrificed freedom of speech for corporate profits, including well known companies such as Yahoo and Google, to respect democracy and freedom, because it is the correct way to ensure continuous future development,” Chen said in the speech last Friday.

Source: PC Advisor

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