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3 things that make Instagram marketing in Germany different


Instagram is the fourth most popular social network in Germany, with 9 million users.

Instagram started allowing businesses to advertise in Germany in 2015, which means that if you are not already on there, you need to hurry up so that you do not get left behind! Do not worry though, it is easy to do: so long as you have a Facebook page, you can set up an Instagram business account.

Here are three things you should bear in mind if you want to do Instagram marketing in Germany.

1. Data security

Germans are extremely cautious when it comes to their data security and as a business you must take data security and privacy seriously if you are targeting the country. German laws have strongly influenced the EU-wide General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR) which is due to come into effect in May 2018. The GDPR will apply to all businesses on Instagram and states that a business must delete all data relating to a customer if they ask them to.

2. Demographics

Instagram users in Germany are overwhelmingly young. 71% of 14 to 19 year old internet users in Germany use Instagram, along with 49% of 20 to 29 year olds. This high number of young users is remarkable, especially when comparing it to other countries were the number is usually much lower. This shows that Instagram is a valuable platform for companies wanting to target young people in Germany.

3. Influencer marketing

To stand out as a brand on Instagram in Germany, you must build trust with your target audience. A good way of building trust in Germany is through influencers, as influencer marketing is actually more likely to work than classic advertising with a German audience. Getting Instagram influencers to promote and support your brand will therefore go some way to boosting your brand’s success.

If you follow these three tips for targeting Germans on Instagram, then you are well on your way to successfully cracking the German market. For more in-depth information, download our free guide on Instagram in Germany.


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Anna Troidl

Project Coordinator at Webcertain
Anna is a Project Coordinator at Webcertain, where she manages international content marketing projects for a range of clients in sectors such as finance, IT, travel and tourism, education and fashion. She helps clients to connect with their local audiences through engaging culturally-sensitive content. Anna has an extensive background in business administration, marketing and psychology. When she is not busy keeping up with the latest industry trends, she enjoys swimming, travel photography and is a live music enthusiast. Originally from Germany, Anna now lives in York, the UK.

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