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3 things you can do when marketing on Weibo


Weibo is one of the most popular social media sites in China. It is a real-time, microblogging platform with over 313 million monthly active users.

As it’s so widely used by the general Chinese population, it is a popular channel for businesses targeting China.

Here are three ways you can use Weibo for marketing purposes if you’re targeting the Chinese market.

1. Verified Weibo corporate accounts

Businesses can verify their account on Weibo for a one-off fee of $1,000 USD. Once verified, your account will have a bright blue “V” on your Weibo page, proving to users that your page is legitimate. You will also get access to monitoring widgets, various customer relationship management tools and post analytics. Brand trust is extremely important in China, more so than in other countries, so it is worth the cost if you’re serious about the Chinese market.

2. Weibo payments

Weibo is partnered with Alipay, one of the most popular financial service platforms in China. Businesses can use Weibo payments to sell to customers both online within the app and offline using scannable QR codes – an extremely popular method in China.

3. Targeting on Weibo

You can target users on Weibo by their age, location, interests and device type. It is also possible to target certain hashtags and tags to reach the people who are actively engaging with certain keywords and who are therefore most relevant to your business.

If you implement these three suggestions, then you’re well on your way to successfully using Weibo to target customers in China. For more tips and more in-depth information, download our free guide on Weibo for business below.


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Xiaojie Yang

Freelance Digital Marketer
Xiaojie began her career as an International Sales Engineer in Guangzhou, China before joining Webcertain as an Account Executive. She currently works as a freelance digital marketer. She is a confident and proactive planner with a methodical, dedicated, and creative approach towards identifying and understanding clients’ business goals and developing customised marketing strategies to meet target KPIs. She has two Master’s degrees: MSc in International Marketing Management from the University of Leeds, and MA in TESOL from Durham University.

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