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Twitch: What an opportunity for international digital marketers!


Looking for new clients, and a growing ROI? Twitch can help. Easy to use, user-friendly, and multilingual, this platform can put you in contact with different demographics. And no, it’s not just for gamers. Let’s see how it works, and how businesses can use it.

Twitch: Audience and demographics

Twitch is a live streaming platform which started as a platform for gaming content; it is today a great advertising option to reach anyone born after the 1980s.

Recent demographics show the following:

  • 75% of its users are male.
  • The age range is 18-49.
  • Millennials represent a big chunk of its audience.


To understand more about the success of Twitch online, note that:

  • Half of the platform’s users spend 20+ hours a week on Twitch.
  • Users on average spend 106 minutes per day on the site.
  • Over 2 million users broadcast streams.

These figures mean that Twitch’s audience is also interested in computers and technology, science, shopping, the arts and entertainment, as well as videogames-related content. So how can you as a business reach Twitch’s audiences?

How to reach your audience on Twitch


To start with, your marketing efforts must be as interactive as possible; the Twitch community really enjoys getting queries and feedback. Always be friendly and authentic; do not try any marketing hard-sales tactics, as they will most likely be unsuccessful. Remember:

  • Users spend hours on end on Twitch, so make sure to adapt your media placements accordingly.
  • Be consistent: remember that Twitch’s audience is composed of millennials who are connected 24/7. Their experience must be consistent across your channels, and they should be able to check your website and social media accounts with a few clicks.
  • Twitch users love playing games: include them when structuring your Twitch advertising campaign, and always remember that advertising on Twitch is intrinsically dynamic.

A recent addition to advertising on Twitch is SureStream: the ads on SureStream support both the advertisers and the streamers’ community, and ads are not blocked by third-party ad blockers.

At the moment, advertising on Twitch is intrinsically linked with the existing content streamed on the platform. Identifying the best influencer will help you get your marketing message to go further, as the recipients will potentially be the whole of Twitch’s audience and streamers. Always remember that Twitch’s community is very interactive, and it heavily depends on mutual influence.


Twitch can considerably help your brand’s marketing strategies, especially when it comes to reaching millennials. The potential returns will be substantial if you choose the right approach to interact with your audience on the platform. Try it for yourself, you won’t want to leave it!

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Leon started his professional career in the digital marketing field. He worked for one year in Beijing, China, both on agency and client sides. With 3 years’ experience in servicing clients and supervising global ventures across a range of digital marketing activities, Leon specialises in internationally-oriented digital marketing. Leon is originally from Belgium and now lives in the UK. Through his international career, one thing that remained constant is his passion for video games and eSport. A proud gamer himself, Leon never misses an opportunity to voice his dedication and share his excitement in the field.

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