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Ericcson and 3 Italy Launch HSPA+ Technology

Ericsson and 3 Italy announced the successful conclusion of the first ever high speed mobile internet connection with HSPA+ technology (High Speed Packet Access) reaching 5.8 Mbps transfer rate.Source: ANSA

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Sante J. Achille

One Response to Ericcson and 3 Italy Launch HSPA+ Technology

  1. paola silvestri says:

    Hi, I need Internet access to go in Italy by the 29th of September, I would like to know if 3 is recommended for my Dell laptop (buy an air card or a Phone with internet access)?
    Thank you,please, let me know asap. I have been asking to all the company here in NYC but nobody is giving me a good answerer. I am concerned about the roaming charges!

    Paola Silvestri

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