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Watch the recording: How to deliver a successful international website migration

Website migration is a complex and probably the riskiest project you can carry out on a website. A website migration requires many resources, the management of multiple teams, meticulous planning of workflows, and the management of expectations from different stakeholders. Migrating an international website is a challenge in particular, as there are additional aspects to be taken into account and addressed with special attention.

A temporary loss of traffic after a website migration is natural and expected, as it takes some time for Google’s algorithms to process the changes and reflect them in the search engine results pages. The problem arises when the traffic drop is not just temporary, and is caused by the loss of rankings due to a website migration being poorly managed and carried out. Proper planning and implementation will ensure that traffic loss is only temporary, and recovered shortly after the website migration is completed.

So, why can this often be such a challenge? Why do website migrations fail? Some of the most common causes for website migrations to fail are:

  • Neglecting the importance of SEO.
  • Lack of communication between teams.
  • Overall lack of planning, preparation and monitoring.

But never fear, we held a webinar on the topic of international website migrations, to ensure your migration does not end in disaster. In this webinar, we covered key points for a successful website migration that will help you overcome the challenges:

  • Defining a proper plan, having in mind the timelines.
  • Benchmarking and measuring through the whole process.
  • Hiring experienced and knowledgeable teams.
  • Good organisation of the workflow and communication.
  • Relying on a skilled SEO team.

We discussed the main phases of a website migration from two different perspectives, what are the expectations of each side involved in the project, and what each side needs pre, during and post-website migration in order to successfully deliver their tasks.

We explored what the client’s expectations are in each phase of the website migration, and what the SEO team requires in order to successfully carry out and implement their tasks.

We also looked at what tools and methodology to follow, in order to ensure that communication and the workflow are smooth in each stage of the website migration. We explained what is essential for building a good relationship and trust between all the parties working on the website migration.

If you would like to learn more about how to deliver a successful international website migration, watch our webinar recording on this topic!

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Sanja Markovic

Senior SEO Specialist & Assistant Manager at Webcertain
Sanja is a Senior SEO Specialist & Assistant Manager at Webcertain and has worked in SEO since 2015. She conducts SEO audits and creates SEO strategies, always having in mind the most innovative and most effective solutions. She is passionate about creating content strategies and new methodologies for content optimisation. Sanja speaks Serbian, English and Spanish, and is familiar with the basics of Chinese. Originally from Serbia, Sanja now lives in Spain.

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