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Video Google Adwords: Exciting Times Ahead!

Adding to some of the educating posts from Gemma Birch on Video Marketing, my post today is about Google’s evolution of Google Adwords model into rich media: video PPC.

Back in 2009, Google introduced the AdWords New Ad Formats Initiative . The goal was to generate relevant ads and volume.
Under this initiative umbrella, Google has been testing various search engine advertising ad copy formats…

Google Ad Formats since 2009
Today, Google announces the most recent ad format initiative: the media ads. The targeting is fully automated and not keyword based & it offers new payment options using video advertising.
Differently from the current adwords video ad model, Adwords Media Ads is a standalone ad format.
How will it work?
Joe Searcher enters a query on Google.com. Google will match the search query with a video title (exact match and variations). The ad will then be then displayed on top of the SERP, above the organic result (how will it affect the organic ranking if you add local search results and Google Places?)

Video PPC appearing on SERP

As for the payment model, it will be based on a flat fee, unlike what we are all used to with Adwords. Google reckons it will make video PPC budget forecasting easier… tbc

Google is now introducing the Lightbox player to display the ads, the theater experience…

Video PPC Playing on SERP
Media Ads release is limited to some chosen motion pictures studios for now….

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  1. Y.S. says:

    The new videos format is pretty spiffy, though it would be nice if Google would fix the YouTube ads that intrude on video viewing — users just want to click away and close the ad, rather than clicking on it.

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