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What is SEO-localisation?


Have you ever heard of multilingual SEO, SEO-friendly translation, or SEO-translation? These are all different ways to indicate the process of combining search engine optimisation and localisation.

However, we at Webcertain didn’t feel that any of these terms fully conveyed the work required to develop an international website, so we coined our own term, SEO-localisation.

Combining organic SEO and content translation, SEO-localisation produces fully-localised websites whilst ensuring good rankings in the search results.


The advantage of combining the two processes together is that the finished website is ready for launch and does not need the translation to be revisited and integrated with the keywords, as it is all done as one seamless process, making it less time-consuming.

If your website hasn’t been localised yet, you are sure to benefit from SEO-localisation regardless of its size, and you will see your website visits and leads increase.

Would you like to find out more about what is involved in SEO-localisation? Check out our e-book on the subject here.


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Emily MacKenzie

General Manager at Webcertain
With a strong academic background in English language and linguistics, and extensive experience in sales-driven roles as well as translation, Emily now works at Webcertain Translates as a General Manager. Emily concentrates on building long-term partnerships with new and existing clients through advising and consulting, as well as improving translation workflows and developing strong localisation strategies. Emily thrives on delivering high-quality, specialised content in over 130 languages, on time and within budget.

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