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Top tips for digital marketing for manufacturers


For many manufacturers, marketing is not at the top of their priority list. This is fine if you are a big brand that consumers know well, but what if you are not? Let’s explore some top tips for digital marketing for manufacturers.

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns

PPC campaigns allow you to generate leads through the use of paid ads online. You should carefully consider the placement of your banners. You should also have a rule in place to ensure that none of your distributors aim for the same ad position as you or each other. Thinking about the content of your banners and making sure that they include all of the relevant keywords is also vital.

The main concern for manufacturers here is that if distributors are allowed to use the same keywords as them, the competition for these keywords will be high and the cost-per-action is going to increase. If you do allow your distributors and resellers to use your brand term as a PPC keyword in their ads, you can use words such as ‘official’ in order to make sure that you still stand out from them.


Social media

It would be ideal for you to have a website, but even if you don’t, you can still use your social media channels to promote yourself and what you do. Utilising social media platforms is a great way of increasing brand awareness, and you can use these platforms to post about new products or events. Distributors and resellers are usually more active on social media than manufacturers are, however you can support them too by making them aware of any promotions or seasonal events you have on your products.

Nurturing the relationship with your distributors

For any manufacturer, having a positive relationship with their distributors and avoiding conflicts of interest is very important. Having a legal agreement signed by your distributors will make it easier to track which keywords they use and will prevent them from using the same keywords as you without your consent. Your aim should be that of establishing a cooperative strategy with your distributors and resellers. The best way to eliminate conflict is to compete in the right space, finding opportunities and gaps.

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Samantha Brazel

Product Manager at Webcertain
Samantha is the Product Manager of the Translates department at Webcertain. With over eight years of experience, she has developed a professional background in translation and localisation management. She manages a team of Project Managers, partners and engineers who are invested in continual improvement and keeping up with translation industry developments. She enjoys new learning opportunities and developing her skill sets. Originally from the UK, Samantha now lives in France.

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