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Yahoo Japan Enforces Right To Be Forgotten Removals

8 April 2015 – Global Marketing News

Yahoo Japan enforces “right to be forgotten” removals

Yahoo Japan has explained when it will remove certain links from its search results pages in light of increased awareness of the “right to be forgotten”.

If personal information such as a person’s address, telephone number, medical history or petty criminal record appears when the person’s name is typed into the search engine, this will be considered for removal.

Factors influencing the removal decision include whether the person is an adult or a child, and whether the person is famous or not.

If information is deemed to be in the public interest, for example the criminal record of a famous politician, then it is unlikely to be removed.

Yahoo Japan will remove links to any content that a court has ruled should not be publically available.

Links to child porn and “revenge porn” which has been posted without the person’s consent will also be removed immediately.

UN predicts future global ecommerce market

The UN has released a report examining ecommerce trends in 130 countries, and has made predictions about how the global ecommerce market will develop in the next 3 years.

Currently, the countries that score highest for “ecommerce readiness” (calculated by looking at a country’s internet penetration, credit card penetration, its number of secure servers, and the strength of its postal delivery network) were Luxembourg, Norway and Finland.

Out of the top 10 countries for “ecommerce readiness”, 6 were European, with South Korea being the only Asian country on the list.

The report also identified the key reasons holding back ecommerce uptake in various regions. Poorly developed delivery networks were holding back ecommerce in Asia, Oceania, Latin America and the Caribbean. Meanwhile, low internet penetration was the main reason why people in Africa were not engaging in ecommerce.

The UN report predicts that the number of people engaging in ecommerce globally will increase by 50% from just over 1 billion people in 2013 to over 1.6 billion in 2018.

It expects that the fastest growth will occur in Asia and Oceania, where the number of people buying online is expected in to increase by around 30%.

Digitaly launches to help small Italian businesses sell online

Amazon, Google, and the Italian confederation for small businesses CNA have partnered up to launch Digitaly.

Digitaly is an online shopping portal that will help small Italian businesses sell their products in Italy and abroad.

With over 500,000 members, CNA has a large userbase, and Digitaly hopes that a significant proportion of these half a million businesses will have an interest in entering the international ecommerce market and selling their products abroad.

Russians post 30 million updates on social media every day

A study by Kibirum has revealed that Russians write around 30 million new posts on social networks every day.

VK, formerly known as VKontakte, is the most popular social network for Russians, with 12 million posts being written every day.

The micro-blogging site Twitter is also popular, with Russia’s 2 million users posting around 10 million tweets a day.

Facebook comes in third, with Russians publishing around 5 million posts a day on the network.

And the image-focused social network Instagram is fairly popular too, with Russians posting around 2 million photos on the network every day.

Luxury online fashion retailers Yoox and Net-A-Porter to merge

And finally, the luxury online fashion retailers Yoox and Net-A-Porter have announced they are to merge in September this year.

Yoox is an Italian online fashion retailer whereas Net-A-Porter is owned by the French luxury goods company Richemont Group.

The combined business, Yoox Net-A-Porter Group, aims to be a worldwide player in the luxury clothing ecommerce niche, and will have a predicted turnover of over 1 billion US dollars.

The two sites currently have around 24 million monthly users between them, from over 180 countries.

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