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YouTube may have to go offline in Brazil

Yes, more problems for Google in Brazil: last year a paparazzi filmed Daniela Cicarelli, Brazilian model and former Ronaldo (Brazilian football star) wife, during a torrid love scene in Ibiza. A Brazilian Justice ruled that all websites must take the video off air or pay US$175k per day as a penalty. It seems once again Google/YouTube didn’t accept the decision and kept the video running up to a week ago.

Now Google has to pay around US$5 million dollars for that!

More recently Cicarelli’s boyfriend and “co-star” filed a new complaint to take YouTube off the air. São Paulo’s State Superior Court ruled in his favor yesterday and YouTube must now filter its visitors to avoid Brazilians. Once again, just as in the Orkut case, Google Brazil said it has nothing to do with YouTube, and the complaint should be addressed to Google Inc. in the US.

Anyway, I guess Google will appeal pretty soon, since Brazil accounts for the second largest YouTube audience worldwide.

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Marcelo SantIago

3 Responses to YouTube may have to go offline in Brazil

  1. Marcelo Sant'Iago says:

    Dear Mick,
    Thanks for your comment.
    Brazil accounts for second largest audience in YouTube. Because of that, one of the top destinations for search campaigns using “site targeting” at Google Content network is directed to brazilian users in YouTube.
    This same news was posted at Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Land blogs, so I guess it is relevant for the SEM market indeed.
    Hope that answers your question

  2. mick says:

    What does YouTube & sex tapes in Brazil have to do with multilingual searching?

    Google owns YouTube – so what?

    Threads like this devalue this email group.

  3. Nuno Hipólito says:

    YouTube always had copyright issues surrounding it. But now with Google being in the picture, the stakes are higher for the YouTube team to act fast…

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