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Portuguese Telecom in takeover bid war

Last year has been quite a busy one for the Portuguese stock market, mainly because of the takeover bid of Sonaecom over PT Telecom, the Portuguese main Telecom operator.

In a very small market like Portugal this may have impredicable effects in the way we comunicate. PT Telecom owns the copper wire telephone network, the main mobile phone company – TMN – and also the main cable TV operator – TV Cabo, which provides broadband access to thousands of Portuguese homes via its sister company Netcabo.

For many years now many have complained about the way Netcabo does business, being the dominant player in the cable broadband acess to the Internet. Prices are high and the service is at best unstable, with speeds far less than those advertised.

Because of this many of us welcome the takeover bid. Maybe things will pick up in terms of quality of service and speeds. The problem is that Sonaecom already owns a Mobile Network operator – Optimus. So, with the takeover bid, it would own 2 mobile operators out of 3 (the other one is Vodafone).

It’s been a year since the first news about this takeover bid and we are now on the stage where stakeholders of PT Telecom will have to decide if they accept the price offered by Sonaecom. Portuguese Competition Authority has recentely approved the deal fueling further controversy.

Clients of broadband access look with interest at this deal in Portugal.

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2 Responses to Portuguese Telecom in takeover bid war

  1. Nuno Hipólito says:

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  2. Vaughan says:

    Very interesting article, question I have relating sapo owned by PT, is do they do there own PPC platform or is it syndicated, also are there SEM companies in Portugal yet or not. I heard Trade Doubler opened an office recently

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