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Amazon Prime Video Launches Buy-As-You-Watch Feature

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Global Marketing News – 17th August 2016

Amazon Prime Video launches buy-as-you-watch feature

Amazon has teamed up with a Japanese entertainment company in order to offer its customers an innovative new feature.

The television production arm of Yoshimoto Kogyo is due to create a fine dining series that will include items that Amazon customers will be able to select, and buy, whilst watching.

The programmes will be exclusive to Amazon Prime Video in Japan, and some other unnamed countries “overseas”.

Each episode will be around forty minutes long, and if viewers like the look of something they see on-screen, they can use the Amazon ‘one-click’ icon to buy the item and get access to same-day delivery on orders placed before midday.

The trial will start in the autumn of this year, and if it proves successful then it will be introduced into other countries.

Ecommerce growing in Brazil despite economic decline

Ecommerce is growing in Brazil despite the recent economic decline.

According to Brazil’s National Industry Confederation, almost 60% of Brazilians have suffered a “loss of purchasing power”, leading to less spending in the country.

However, despite the drop in overall spending, which has caused growth to decrease by 0.5% over the last two years, ecommerce is on the rise.

A report from eMarketer also reveals that ecommerce retailers in Brazil are also looking abroad, with cross-border sales increasing from 838 million US dollars in 2013, to an expected 5.2 billion US dollars in 2018.

Mcommerce is also growing, with 7% of everything bought online being done so through mobile, a figure projected to grow to 14% by 2020.

Additionally, Brazilian shoppers were shown by comScore to spend more time on social media than any other country in the world, with people spending over 20 minutes on average per visit to social sites.

Twitter is growing far slower than expected in US

eMarketer has been forced to revise its Twitter growth forecast for the US, the company’s home market.

As the social network struggles to gain users around the world, eMarketer has revealed that due to almost stagnant growth over the last few months, it has reduced Twitter’s estimated annual growth in the US from 8% to a lowly 2%.

The research company has also changed its forecast for Twitter’s next four years, reducing its forecasted user growth from 14 million new users by 2020, to just 3.6 million.

It was also revealed that the US market share, which was previously expected to increase, is now forecast to actually decrease through until at least 2020.

The report said that the decrease in market share was due to platforms such as Instagram growing faster than expected, damaging Twitter’s growth.

Chinese airliners to relax mobile usage restrictions

Chinese aviation authorities are looking into lifting mobile phone restrictions, opening up options for passengers to communicate with friends whilst in-flight.

It is expected that by early 2017, laws surrounding the use of mobile phones on-board planes will be relaxed, enabling passengers to surf the internet and use apps such as WeChat.

The new option for people to surf the internet aboard a plane is expected to open up new possibilities for ecommerce marketers looking to target Chinese passengers.

Zhang Chi, a deputy director at the Chinese airline China Eastern, said that as his passengers browse the web, he can “profit from advertisement and on-board shopping”, adding that the move was a “big positive”.

Marketers must get creative with video content

And finally, a study from Nielsen has found that brands and marketers need to be more creative with video content.

The research has identified that the success of a video is determined by the format in which the content is delivered, and the environment it is delivered in.

Harry Brisson, Director of Lab Research at Nielsen, said that “there’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to creating impactful branded content”, but there are best practices that can be used.

The study found that branded content drives 20% higher brand recall than pre-roll ads, that if a user enjoys content the brand will be viewed more highly, and that partnering with a publisher increases the impact ads will have.

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