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Are new link descriptor tags to replace nofollow on major search engines ??

Major Search Engines are believed to introduce a series of link descriptor tags to complement (or replace) the well know rel=”nofollow” tag introduced to curb misuse of linking efforts.

According to a recent post , nofollow has been found to fall short of the original objectives. Google YAHOO!, Ask (and perhaps) MSN are planning to introduce a new line of link descriptors that will be used to provide more information on why the link should not be followed.

The hypothetical new link descriptors are:

  1. noclue – to be used when the linkee clearly has no idea what they’re talking about
  2. noporn – to be used on links suitable for children (all other links will dissapear when safe search is switched on)
  3. nopawn – to be used as a virtual middle finger when linking to obvious linkbait
  4. nofee – to be used when you’re linking as a favour but receiving no actual cash
  5. nocheques – to be used when you’re asking for cash in hand or uninvoiced paypal transfer
  6. nopay – to be used when they should have paid you but haven’t
  7. nochoice – to be used if linking to dubious sites …
  8. noulteriormotive – to be used when you are linking because its a good site
  9. nowinnofee – to be used by affiliates when linking to lawyers
  10. nowayjose – to be used when the site is in a language you don’t speak
  11. nocomment – to be used for automated comment spam links
  12. nolikee – to be used when linking to a perfectly good site owned by someone you have a personal dislike for
  13. nofollow – to be used on all other occasions
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Sante J. Achille

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