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Australian Companies Are Employing More Digital Marketing And SEO Specialists In 2013

Digital Marketing has become the buzz word in Australia over the past 3 months. Nearly every large company have now suddenly hired “digital marketing co-ordinators” to deal with the every day SEO practices and search activities for a business.

Many research and reports have been discussed with several of the large companies in 2012 and it seems that finally many of these organizations are breaking the chains and accepting that the industries they are in are moving into a new digital world, where areas such as search engine optimisation, social media and search advertising are pioneering these businesses to new heights.

The interesting statistic is that compared to this time last year, job advertisements for digital/online markeinting/SEO specialists has increased by 220%, this shows that many companies are looking to develop someone in-house or have an expert run the digital show for a company in-house.

The one issue with these companies hiring in-house is that as with anything search related in Australia, the industry moves quite fast. What is popular and works one day may change in a heartbeat.

Many companies fall behind in this and it is quite evident with Australia being by far the least innovative when it comes to digital marketing and SEO.

The pioneers in search are the Americans, and the best model to replicate for anyone is what the USA are doing. For example-  Banner retargeting is a term that most in Australia are not familiar with. Only 3% of businesses use this and it is a very powerful marketing tool which can work wonders for an e-Commerce store. This clearly shows a lack of understanding of very important parts of an integrated search and online strategy.

Many companies need to grasp the concept of digital correctly this year,  SEO, re-targeting, adwords, social media, multilingual website design, international brand and content marketing. The challenge for someone doing all this in-house can be a recipe for disaster if it all goes wrong, sometimes it helps to have an external agency deliver the marketing strategies. Leaving to the experts is not so bad after all.

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John Vlasakakis is the Co-Director of Australian SEO company Maps Gurus, one of the leading SEO companies in the country, providing SEO advice to many of Australia’s largest corporations. Initially starting his career in sales for SEO, John developed a passion for developing productive SEO campaigns for many companies which has gained millions in revenue since.

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