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Sapo Maps now with itineraries

Sapo Maps, the Portuguese map service from Sapo.pt, now allows the users to plan itineraries, and choose different routing options (quicker, shorter, on foot). The user interface also improved over the last version, displaying a two column scheme, with much … Read More

Hi5 closes deal with SAPO in Portugal

Hi5, one of the most successful web 2.0 sites in Europe, and one of the most visited sites in Portugal, chose Sapo, the most important entertainment portal in that country, as the search engine for its Portuguese users. Sapo replaces … Read More

Sapo Noticias takes on Google News in Portugal

Sapo, the largest Internet entertainment portal in Portugal, launched Sapo Local this week. This move follows others from Sapo news pages, that now specifically target sport, technology and economy. Sapo Local uses AJAX to gather news from different places into … Read More

Portuguese use the Internet to create businesses

The Portuguese Justice minister Alberto Costa announced that the Internet is fast becoming the preferred method for Portuguese businessmen to create new businesses. A year and half ago, a program called “Empresa na Hora” (Create your company in one hour) … Read More

Web 2.0 in Portugal

Social media and Web 2.0 are rather recent concepts, but well known ones in the US. But in Portugal its praticaly unknown. In fact, only recently did some companies begin to invest seriously in some online initatives, that could be … Read More

Portuguese Telecom in takeover bid war

Last year has been quite a busy one for the Portuguese stock market, mainly because of the takeover bid of Sonaecom over PT Telecom, the Portuguese main Telecom operator. In a very small market like Portugal this may have impredicable … Read More

Introducing search marketing in Portugal

A typical middle-sized company in Portugal has a website on the Internet, 85% of big companies do. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the website has probably never been updated since 1998, it’s in flash, you can’t … Read More