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Portuguese Online Buying Behaviour

Portuguese who search for products of services online, spend in average €220. This is the main result of the first online buying behaviour study done by Google Portugal. In this study more than 2.000 people were asked for their online … Read More

Google Analytics now in Portuguese

Google Analytics is now available in Portuguese. Google Analytics is a widely used web analytics tool, provided for free by Google and already used by many webmasters in Portugal. In October, Google had already announced that Google Sites – a … Read More

Portugal buys 500,000 Intel classmates

Intel signed a deal with the Portuguese government in which they will provide experience and know how in the education market in order to put 500,000 small PCs in the hands of children with ages raging from 6 to 10 … Read More

Liberalization of the .pt TLD delayed again

The decision to allow anyone to register a .pt TLD has suffered yet another blow, as the authorization from the Portuguese Ministry of Science and Technology was postponed to an unknown future date. 6 months ago the request to liberalize … Read More

TV ad campaign in Portugal uses blogs

A tv ad campaign for ZON (a cable operator that offers a triple play service) began airing the passed week on the main Portuguese tv networks. The campaign isn’t very out of the ordinary, but for one thing: it mentions … Read More

Eco Find: The green search engine

It uses a black background and therefore offers great energy savings, because black uses less energy than white on computer monitors. Called Eco Find, it is interely Portuguese in the making, but it uses Google results.

Google Portugal now has navigational links

As was announced by several SEM blogs and media, Google launched internationally the navigational links in their homepage. This was a feature previously only available in Google.com (US). The order of the links in the Portuguese version of Google (Google.pt) … Read More

Google Universal Search in Portuguese

Google Universal Search, the new “search model” recently launched by Google is starting to appear in the Portuguese SERPs (Google.pt). Until recently search results in Portuguese did not include anything more than simples websites. A couple weeks ago we noticed … Read More

RTP teams up with YouTube

RTP, the public TV broadcaster in Portugal has now in YouTube a partner to publish its videos online. RTP follows in the footsteps of other European TV broadcasters, like BBC and Deutsche Welle. In a dedicated YouTube area, users can … Read More