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Top 10 Dutch websites = Search

In the Netherlands are the top 10 websites of 2005 mostley Search Search and Search:

1. Google
2. Startpagina (Directory)
3. Msn.nl
4. Markplaats (Search too?)
5. Detelefoongids.nl (people search)
6. MSN.com
8. Speuders (Search too?)
10. eBay (Search too?)

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3 Responses to Top 10 Dutch websites = Search

  1. Slankekur says:

    What about Eerstekeuze.nl? I remember getting a lot of traffic to my Dutch sites from them.

  2. mike collins says:

    can you help me find a Dutch website to advertise my
    holiday villa.We have sites in england like owners
    direct who advertise owners holiday villas abroad to
    rent, for holidays. I cannot find any sites or any
    one to help me
    best regards
    mike collins thank you

  3. bram (bramiozo) says:

    speuders.nl should be speurders.nl 🙂

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