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Baidu Offers A New Web Browser

Baidu, (BIDU) China’s largest search engine, unveiled the beta version of it’s new web browser. The Baidu browser contains more than 30,000 apps which connects users to online games, videos and other tools. The web browser is reported to have focused on security as Baidu has built it with the intention of protecting the user’s PC from malware. It was built using Baidu’s “box computing” concept introduced at Baidu Innovation Conference 2009. The concept allows users to search for results on Baidu as well as execute commands and launch apps all within the browser itself.

Internet Explorer currently dominates China’s browser market with a 62.9 percent share but down significantly from the 83.3 percent share it held earlier this year. IE has long dominated China’s Web browser market because IE is the default browser for Windows systems and the lack of awareness of other available browsers. Lately those other browsers such as Tencent’s TT browser, Souhu’s Sogou browser and Qihu’s 360 Security browser have managed to put a dent in IE’s market share. Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox are also available in China but lack the adoption rate seen in the rest of the world.

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