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China Mobile and Google talk cell phone search

China Mobile, China’s largest cell phone carrier based on number of subscribers (260 million), and Google are in talks to create a mobile services search engine. China Mobile is seeking ways to offset declining revenues from voice services. No details of the talks were shared by either China Mobile or Google.

China Mobile Communications Corporation, the parent company, was established in 2000 and is a state owned enterprise directly under the central government. It split from the former China Telecom as a result of the reform and restructuring of China’s communications industry.

China Mobile (Hong Kong) chairman and chief executive Wang Jianzhou said talks with Google were advancing, but he didn’t elaborate on the scope or technical details relating to the search engine.
“I recently met with Google’s CEO for the second time. And we both share the same idea: how to turn cell phones into a new kind of Internet search engine,” Wang said, according to wire reports.

Source: Market Watch

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