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China news websites back calls for self censorship

In a move that was praised by the People’s Daily, eleven news websites backed a call for self-censorship and the eradication of pornographic and violent content on the internet . Fourteen portals in China also announced earlier that they were blocking “unhealthy” content. They urged other portals to join them in this action. According to the government of China, “indecent material” could harm children and menace social stability.

“Chinese websites are capable and confident of resisting indecent Internet content,” the announcement said.

The central websites are China’s major channels of Internet news releases and the main sources of news on other websites. “We all agree and actively respond to the joint proposal,” the announcement said.

The websites also vowed to play a leading role in self-censoring Internet content in compliance with the “Eight Honors and Disgraces”, a new concept of socialist morality set forth by Hu Jintao, president and general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, recently.

Source: China Daily

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