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Baidu and Intel to work on search applications in China

Baidu, China’s leading search engine, and Intel signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to cooperate in the development of Internet search and related applications in China. The two companies will work together to develop search applications for personal computers, laptops, handsets and home devices. Intel is Baidu’s backend server platform provider.

“Baidu is the most frequently used search engine in China with an enormous user base. Its high traffic volume requires the highest standard of performance and stability in its server platform. Intel is pleased to work together with Baidu to provide optimized search performance and exciting search experience to end users,” said Thomas Kilroy, vice president with Intel and general manager of the firm’s Digital Enterprise Group.

Sources: Tech News World Internet News

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  1. Mick Jolly says:

    David – I thrilled anytime that I hear news like this. Thanks for evangelizing the opportunities abroad. I believe that with the technical energy that we see in the western world meeting the China is going to only continue to gain momentum.

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