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China Yahoo offers lifetime email services

China Yahoo launched a Lifetime Emailbox offering unlimited capacity for users in China. The domain name is @yahoo.cn and the email offering was available as of September 10th. The email servers will be hosted in China based on local media reports. According to Shen Jian Ming, vice president of China Yahoo, the Lifetime Emailbox is a “pledge that Yahoo has made to users based on the most advanced technology and service level of the existing email service.”

In July 2004, China Yahoo boosted the storage capacity for its free mail service from 100MB to 1GB to match Google’s offering. Google began offering free Gmail.com accounts in China early this year in order to promote its brand. The Chinese holder of the domain name “Gmail.cn”, ISM China, refused to relinquish the domain name although the logo and design of Gmail.cn is similar with Google’s Gmail.com.

Source: China Tech News

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