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Corporate and home banking statistics for Italy, 2007

The Banca d’Italia published 2007 data regarding usage of home banking services to manage their finances in 2007. According to the statistical report recently published, 11,9 million rely on corporate and home banking services, with users concentrated in the metropolitan areas of the most industrialized areas of the country, namely Lombardia (Milan), Piemonte (Turin) and Lazio (Rome).

The report provides a breakdown in users:

  • 2,478 million in Lombardia
  • 1,271 million in Piemonte
  • 1,227 million in Lazio

Data refers to both home and corporate online banking

Source: ANSA

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Sante J. Achille

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  1. Glen says:

    I am researching information technology in Italy. Can you tell me any resources I can find that are in English. Thank you.


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