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Disavow tool to change search landscape and many Australian SEO companies

Google recently announced the release of its disavow tool yesterday, causing a social buzz in the search community in Australia.

The Twitter sphere was going crazy once Matt Cutts released the news on the launch of the new tool by Google.

In Australia, on average about 10% of websites in the nation had search marketing efforts affected by changes Google put into place for the quality of the search results, meaning that Australians had less than ideal SEO activities and other search marketing efforts proven to not be effective anymore.

On a standard website, this means that up to 60% of traffic coming from search engines would have a massive decrease in visits due to a drop in rankings.

Many companies involved in search and SEO in Australia were caught red handed that activities they implemented were being frowned upon from Google.

Yesterday’s release in Australia meant many saw this as both a threat and a life line going forward in the search engine world.

In a nutshell, what the disavow tool does is it will ignore your links to your website that you deem to be spam, it is done in good faith and is your way of letting Google know that it is out of your control to have these removed.

The problem facing many search specialists in Australia is that the work they undertake is not up to standards with other countries such as the USA or the UK, and many of the clientele they have which are proactive with SEO or have been penalised are going to notify Google of work which has come from their search company which they will notify the tool to ignore. Many believe this tool will help the search engine further identify networks or systems people are using to implement and manipulate search engine rankings.

This tool further reiterates the importance of having ethical and white hat search practices now and going forward for the rest of a companies search marketing efforts.

Search in Australia is the major component of revenue sources of most businesses and this is why SEO has become the backbone to many companies existence online in the past few years.

Further information about the tool can be found at the Google Webmaster Tools website.

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John Vlasakakis is the Co-Director of Australian SEO company Maps Gurus, one of the leading SEO companies in the country, providing SEO advice to many of Australia’s largest corporations. Initially starting his career in sales for SEO, John developed a passion for developing productive SEO campaigns for many companies which has gained millions in revenue since.

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