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Eco Find: The green search engine

It uses a black background and therefore offers great energy savings, because black uses less energy than white on computer monitors.

Called Eco Find, it is interely Portuguese in the making, but it uses Google results.

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Nuno Hipolito

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5 Responses to Eco Find: The green search engine

  1. Green search engine says:

    I´d like to recomend http://www.treehoo.com the first serach engine to plant trees for most of their profit. They use Google search to.

  2. E Adviento says:

    Innovation means finding ways to improve on what Google provide. Setting up a Google-based-search means you have the same high quality search with relative benefits: lower emissions and funded offsets.

    If the screen does not reduce emissions (only applies for CRTs, around half of all monitors) then why not utilise the MFA model for good – buy carbon offsets with ALL the money generated.

    http://www.searchgreener.com is a pure MFA model on this basis, where carbonoffsets are purchased from all use. No profit, only collective gain – fighting climate change. Build the green search engine into your daily routine: http://www.searchgreener.com

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  4. Nick Wilsdon says:

    Of course, if Eco Find or any of their ilk are donating their Adsense money to environmental causes, I’ll be happy to take that all back 😉

  5. Nick Wilsdon says:

    Yep there have been a few of these sites set up now. However Google threw some doubt though on the energy saving claims. Black screen may actually increase energy use according to the study they referenced.

    I’m a bit cynical but to my mind this just looks like a way to capitalize on environmental issues for personal gain. Searches that are carried out on there will make them money through the ‘Adsense for Search‘ system. Giving them publicity is the same as promoting any other MFA site.

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