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Facebook Top Ads: A Global Comparison

As a significant social media mogul, Facebook provides a prevalent means of advertising for countries all over the world, and being able to view the ads that are being run globally can prove to be quite revealing. Many assorted types of businesses and entities utilize Facebook as a marketing tactic most likely due to the number and diversity of individuals that use it for various purposes such as personal or business. Dependent upon the country, a varying focus may be retained when it comes to industry and advertisements, and they also have substantially differing budgets as verified by number of impressions. Researching, analyzing, and comparing the top Facebook ads as a global whole and by country divulges a great wealth of information on industry and country focus overall.

Facebook Top Ads: Global

Facebook Global Ad Comparison

Displayed above are the top advertisements on Facebook from a global standpoint most receiving between 4.7 and 7.6 million impressions weekly, making them the subjects of sizeable budgets. The highest ranking ad may be considered a surprising one; a poker website based in Vietnam that receives 7.6 million impressions. Additionally other top ads consist of companies such as Intel, an Infographic app website, and even ads for henleys, whose link directs the user to an India-based online clothing outfitter called Free Culture. This just proves that Facebook is utilized by many different countries and that many types of businesses are allocating good deal of budgetary funds to their advertising on the social media site.

To delve further into a global Facebook PPC comparison, the most advantageous method of discovering additional information is to view the top ads for differing countries to determine wherein their prime focus is situated.

Facebook TOP Ads: Brazil

Facebook Brazil Top Ads

By viewing the top Facebook ads for Brazil, our very first result is an ad receiving 747 thousand impressions encouraging users to click follow their link to discover how to make $7,000 per week on the Internet which is more than likely some type of a marketing scam. Due to the ample amount of impressions for most of their top ads we can presume that Brazil as a whole is allocating a good deal of funds to Facebook advertising. Additionally there is an ad for a men’s cologne called Ferrari Red Power that receives 560,000 impressions weekly and has a slogan of “Driven by Passion.” Other ads that appear on the uppermost ranking for Brazil are relative to things such as a Topface App (a location-based service that assists its users in meeting people) and a creative video app called Vivoon. Brazil’s Facebook marketing is therefore seemingly geared toward social pursuits and the younger generation.

Facebook TOP Ads: Russia

Facebook Top Ads in Russia

Russia, in comparison to Brazil and other countries, does not receive quite as many impressions on their top ads and hence are not spending quite as much on their Facebook advertising. Nonetheless, the very first ad for Russia with almost 200,000 impressions is for a website that is urging users to utilize their website in order to find their soulmate, so we once again are looking at a social focus. Additional ads are fashion-related and guide users to a clothing website called New Yorker as well as two ads for Samsung. Hence, the top Facebook ads in Russia are also apparently geared toward social facets and a younger generation similar to Brazil.

Facebook TOP Ads: India

Facebook Top Ads in India

Look at the difference with India. All of their top ads are receiving more than 1 million impressions, making them the country with the utmost budget for Facebook ads. The top ad in India is identical to one of the top global ads on all of Facebook and directs users to the India-based online clothing retailer called Free Culture with a colossal 6 million impressions. Additional ads lead users to Facebook business sites and even news sites that are relative to Vikram Chandra who is the CEO of NDTV networks and a leading news personality in India. Therefore, this name must be one of extreme interest in India if funds are distributed to advertising associated with him. The top ads of India are also geared largely toward education with an advertisement for the World Education Fair 2012 and an additional one for workshops with the New York Film Academy. This can lead to the hypothesis that India is vastly focused on education and business, as made apparent by their Facebook ads.

Facebook TOP Ads: Italy

Facebook Top Ads in Italy

If we transition to inspect the top Facebook ads in Italy, they seem to have a comparable amount of advertising to Brazil. Once again we are presented with a considerable focus on singles and online dating comparable to Brazil and Russia. Specifically, Zoosk is employing their copy to portray themselves as the #1 dating website in Italy in order to potentially obtain more clientele through their Facebook PPC. Tripadvisor with 573 thousand impressions is also one of the top advertisers in Italy and is announcing to users that the average traveler has only visited a mere 17 cities, in turn challenging them to do better by utilizing their services to book travel. Companies such as Honda are using Facebook advertising in Italy, potentially to compete with increasingly popular Italian car companies such as Fiat. Finally, there is even an ad for an SEO company who is seeking out business owners to utilize their services. Italy has an assorted mix of advertisements with a more diverse focus.

Facebook TOP Ads: Australia

Top Ads In Australia

Australia’s Facebook PPC budgets have a wider range with their top ads receiving between 300 thousand and 1.2 million impressions weekly. The top ad for Australia receives an astonishing 1.2 million impressions and is a link that directs clickers to a website about Suart Ross, who is a 30 year old entrepreneur based in the UK and sells videos and information on how to make a good deal of money with The Six Figure Mentors. The ad copy is informing readers that he is attempting to grow his company in “OZ,” or Australia, and directs users to a website with a video and is ultimately attempting to convince individuals to purchase his money-making program. The next ad is similar in that it is informing readers how to quit their jobs and live via the internet. Other top ads are geared toward SEO and there is a similarity to a top ad in India for Marketing on Facebook. Finally, there are ads for lingerie and a singles website that is geared toward men. Australia has also proved to be extremely mottled in their Facebook advertising with emphasis placed on many different things.

Facebook TOP Ads: Canada

Canada's Top Ads By CPM

Finally, Canada is thrown into the mix to be analyzed and they seemingly have Facebook budgets similar to Brazil and Italy. Remember the Infographic App ad that was near to the top globally for Facebook ads? According to the top Facebook ads in Canada, it is the 3rd uppermost ad with almost 635 thousand impressions weekly. On top with 782 thousand impressions is an ad for a small business account with a minimal fee for the money conscious small-business owner. Other ads are geared toward eccentric items such as a bearded beanie hat (which may be of use if you live within the bitter temperatures in Canada) and t-shirts that are stricken with the image of a lifelike animal such as a dog or cat, although there are most likely more options. Thus, Canada’s Facebook marketing as whole is apparently a bit more involved in the promotion of small businesses and unconventional attire.


While there are obvious similarities in global Facebook PPC ads, there are many differences as well. Analyzing budgets across a global perspective for Facebook advertising not only illustrates how much stock certain countries are actually putting into social media promotion but also which types of ads and industries are marketed more extensively. With the economy the way that it is in many countries, it is reasonable that many of the ads are geared towards simple ways in which to make money, no matter if they are truly feasible or not. Furthermore, with an increasing popularity in Internet dating, businesses are taking full advantage and advertising to an appropriate audience, specifically with the majority youthful Facebook crowd. Digging further into global Facebook PPC and exploring aspects such as ads for particular websites, GEO targeting, and resulting landing pages can only reveal a wealth of fascinating information relative to an extremely widespread method of advertising today.

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