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Global Mobile Ad Spend Statistics: Significant Regional Differences Exist

As mobile continues to gain traction, so does the need for marketers to obtain reliable insights into the medium. In a direct response to this, prominent digital advertising bodies have joined forces to size the global mobile advertising market.

Global totals (as can be seen below) are broken down into ad spending by region and show outspoken differences. Considering the vast amount of connected mobile devices in the APAC-region, it’s not necessarily surprising that it leads overall mobile ad spend, followed by North America and Europe.

At the bottom end, accounting for just 6.7 percent of the global mobile ad spend collectively, Latin America and Middle East/Africa severely lag behind the markets mentioned above. With mobile in many cases being the only access point people have to the internet in emerging markets – mobile broadband connections far outnumber that of desktop – it’s noteworthy how few marketers are actually tapping in to the significant potential of using this channel to reach consumers.


Source: IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence (US); IAB Europe; IHS Screen Digest

When comparing advertising investments according to format, some rather interesting fluctuations exist. While search accounts for almost 62 percent of the total global mobile ad spend, North American advertisers allocate slightly under half of their mobile budget to search, compared to 65 and 72 percent in Europe and Asia-Pacific, respectively. Search is still the preferred mobile advertising format in North America, however, marketers in this region skew more towards display and messaging than their European and Asian counterparts.

Unfortunately, the bodies behind the research don’t comment on the varying mobile budget allocation between the regions (at least in the article I’ve come across). What do you think might be causing this? Add your comment below.

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Immanuel Simonsen

Research Manager at Webcertain
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