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International Search Summit – Eniro

Christer Pettersson – Eniro, Search in Scandinavia

  • Market in Scandinavia is now exploding, growing by 20%.
  • offer PPC on maps (nordics like maps very much)
  • As search expands it becomes “less Googlish”
  • Local search scene – Scandinavia is the 6th market place, Google, MSN, YAHOO! is very small
  • Enrio is a top search within all Scandinavian countries.
  • Local PPC offerings 4 Search Media networks Google YAHOO! MSN Enrio/MivaBlended SearchVideo, news images, directories, are used to enrich user experience third generation , search 3.0 in local environment.
  • Blending is blurring for search marketers as it adds more complexity – Google is using Eniro for local results,
  • Eniro is using search results from Google to complement the local directory.
  • Local services: High quality search traffic transparent network true partnership innovative solutions service = people locally you’ll get more value for money …
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Sante J. Achille

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