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International Search Summit London May 2009 – Introduction by Andy Atkins Kruger

The International Search Summit kick off in London with an introduction by the Managing Director Andy Atkins Kruger of WebCertain.

Key elements of Social Networks are the interconnections between people who have common interests. Search and Social Networks make it easier for people to find things and people they are looking for – people have been searching since the beginning of time, Search Engines have filled the gap and made it much easier (and much faster) to find things.

Global and local Social Media are at work worldwide under different names and models but all countries are active.

What’ s the marketing point of that ?

Customers are creating crowds with common needs – how do you communicate with them ? They are talking about you !

As a business or agency you need to respond and monitor what is being said.

We need to understand your network or group – LISTEN AND RESPOND are the key words.





The connection with Search Marketing ? Keywords

Often keywords which describe activities are connectors – take for example Twitter – keywords are fundamental.

Take for example ants, so ti yet so well organized they can do big things !

In this respect Social Networks have a great potential to grow your audience

Top 10 fastest growing Social Networks – Twitter shows the fastest growth followed by tagged.com

Beware of purism ! Each and every one of must understand how to deal with it in a structured manner.

People with more than 10.000 followers has an average of more than 3.500 tweets per day

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Sante J. Achille

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