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International Search Summit – Anne Kennedy

Anne introduces FaceBook as a business tool – 5 years old now ! Going to review the challenges FaceBook is faced with.

The map of Social Networks is articulated and complex.

by 2013 50% of UK population will be on Social Networks.

Anne Presents FaceBook numbers

  • $ 419 M invested
  • spending $ 20 M/month
  • more than 50% of members are over 25
  • women over 55 are the fastest growing segment

Linked in is big Twitter is active, FaceBook id Huge (will refer to FaceBook as FB)

Has created a $ 500 M market for application developers

Now FB has approx. 210 Million users

So why should we care ? Anne mentions brands that have been using it successfully. Take for example lenovo 2008 olympics team USA, or SHARP electronics with a mystery box contest, travel channel with interactive games about travel which drew visitors to the channel – these are THOUGHT STARTERS, how to make a benefit to your brand – FB groups are a way to reach niche audiences.

You can do highly targeted messaging and advertising – Cirque du soleil reach out to their fans ?

Challenges for FB ? Money

According to estimates every 1 million users add 1 million in capital costs !

If they’re not acquired they may setup an IPO

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Sante J. Achille

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