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ISS: Search in Holland (the Netherlands)

Search in Holland

  • the Dutch use Google – 94%
  • localisation is the primary factor
  • 17 million people – high density
  • Kingdom
  • democracy
  • 70% speak English
  • 60% speak German
  • Dutch are very much online 85% are online, mostly youngsters starting from age 4 are online at least once a week
  • 5 million use broadband – they watch TV online
  • 80% have a mobile phone – getting very important in Holland

Dutch differ amongst each other – poldermodel

  • everybody gets a bit of his opinion
  • very international focus – it is historical
  • very proud to be Dutch
  • they like trading
  • they like a good deal
  • like their privacy

How does this translate to online and search?

  • like to read international websites
  • Facebook is not the biggest social media site – Hyves is the place to be (now)
  • like to comment a lot – website must have interactivity
  • they like bargains – they have a Dutch version of eBay and it is very big MARKTPLAATS.nl has a similar thing to AdWords just for this portal
  • they do not like cookies! Privacy is a big issue, they clean cookies once a week
  • snooping sites are very popular – they like to peek into other peoples houses

How do they behave online?

  • many small search engines (verticals) 5% to 6% are using them
  • second-biggest site is startpagina (3.5%) an opportunity, a must for the Dutch market
  • 35 out of 100 brands are on social media, mostly on twitter, Hyves Facebook and blogs – they are there for the campaign and then disappear


  • one-third of 8 year olds has an account on Hyves with more than 50 friends
  • MSN is the most used social media tool
  • watch less TV, use more online tools
  • they are not using much Twitter
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Sante J. Achille

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