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ISS – Search in Japan

Motoko Hunt – AJPR

94 million users

4% using devices other than PC or mobile, such as TV and Playstation

90% 14-49 are on the internet

99% of business with 50% of them on Ecommece

Country code in japanese characters starting next year

Google is increasing penetration (google now just over 50%)

Verticals are doing well in jp – YAHOO! shopping etc.

MOBILE – 74 million users are mobile 50% using filtering – 1.3 Billion US in advertising

SOCIAL MEDIA 10% of business has some sort of social media

Unique in jp langiuage is they do not use space to separate words !

keywords – research is very important

localisation is essential – what’s appealing to an audience may not (and probably isn’t) appealing to another audience.

Koichiro Fukasawa – Wasabi Communications

Japan mobile technology is very advanced – 102 million subscribers (9 out of 10 users using the mobile web). more than 1/3 of subscribers are on a flat rate program – new phone models launched every season with more and more features, something of a new culture where sub cultures are born.

Mobile is used to make a payment, buy a train ticket, pay for Mac Donalds, or ticket concerts (“flash the mobile phone) mobile phones with very high resolutions: radio and watch TV is popular and common with mobile phones video on demand, gps, coupons, shopping sites … oh yeah and you can also use a phone to make phone calls

Mobile SEO in Japan

must focus on official carrier sites (3) + YAHOO! mobile and Google Mobile, 5 websites in all

For mobil link building links from directories are effective – search algorithms not very sophisticated

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Sante J. Achille

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  2. AvatarSante J. Achille says:

    Hi Motoko, was great meeting up with you and a pleasure covering the sessions – I corrected the post !

  3. Motoko HuntMotoko Hunt says:

    Thanks for covering the session, Santi! Btw, 4% doesn’t represent the mobile stats. 4% of Internet users access using devices other than PC or mobile, such as TV and Playstation.

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