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Programmatic Advertising Delivers Best Digital Return

Global Marketing News – 26th January 2016

Programmatic advertising delivers best digital return

Research by AdRoll has found that digital advertisers are planning to increase their spending on programmatic advertising more than any other form of advertising this year, with two thirds saying they were going to increase the amount they spent.

Programmatic ads are those that are automatically bought and placed by software rather than by humans.

The key reasons given to explain this rise are the increased ROI and time-saving elements associated with programmatic.

When looking at the benefits advertisers had seen as a result of using programmatic advertising, the advantages of the method become clear. A staggering 87% said they had seen a greater return from programmatic compared to non-programmatic.

The report also looked at attribution, the method whereby advertisers can infer what caused a user to land on a site, and found that it was being seen as increasingly important.

84% said they saw attribution as something either “critical” or “very important” to track, an increase of 140% on the previous year.

Social media boosts Fiji visitor numbers

Social media is boosting the number of people visiting the Pacific island of Fiji.

A spokesperson from Tourism Fiji said that the number of tourists coming to the island rose to its highest ever level of 60,000 in November last year.

This rise has been attributed to social media, with many tourists arriving after seeing photos of the country posted by their friends on social networking sites.

As the island is geographically distant from many of the countries where these tourists are coming from, the digital landscape is extremely important for attracting visitors.

The tourism board has taken note of this and invested in developing its website to a high quality, an effort that seems to be paying off – the Tourism Fiji website recently received over 1 million visits in one month.

60% of Lithuanian businesses want to expand internationally

60% of businesses in Lithuania want to expand internationally, according to research by Swedbank.

The study found that Estonia and Latvia were the most appealing countries, due to their physical proximity, cultural similarity and stable economies.

Western Europe was the second most appealing region, followed by Scandinavia and Central-and-Eastern Europe, which took third and fourth place respectively.

Asia, North America, South America and Africa were not appealing markets for Lithuanian businesses.

Colombian men spend more time watching videos than women

Colombian men spend far more time watching videos on their computers compared to Colombian women, according to research by comScore.

The gender gap is biggest in percentage terms in the 45 to 54 age group, where men watched 82% more minutes of video than women last year.

In real terms, the biggest gap was in the 15 to 25 age group, where men watched almost 700 million more minutes of video than their female counterparts.

It is unclear whether males watch more video than females in general in Colombia, or if women prefer to watch videos on mobile devices, which were not included in the comScore study.

iOS App Development Centre opens in Italy

And finally, Apple is opening its first iOS App Development Centre in Europe.

The Centre will be in Naples, Italy and will teach developers how to create apps for the Apple App Store.

Apple CEO Tim Cook commented on the upcoming launch, saying: “Europe is home to some of the most creative developers in the world and we’re thrilled to be helping the next generation of entrepreneurs in Italy get the skills they need for success.”

Apple plans to open other Centres throughout Europe, although exact locations have not yet been announced.

The App Store generated Apple 6 billion US dollars in revenue last year.

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