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Thai Consumers Lack Trust In Ecommerce Due To Fraud Fears


Global Marketing News – 1st August 2016

Thai consumers lack trust in ecommerce due to fraud fears

Research from ACI Worldwide has revealed that consumers in Thailand lack trust in the ecommerce industry.

The reason behind this lies in the fact that there are currently high levels of fraud in the country, with 32% of those questioned saying they had experienced it in the last 12 months.

The study showed that ecommerce and mcommerce were two of the primary sources of fraud, leading to only 17% of those who used mcommerce, and 12% of those using ecommerce, believing they were protected from fraud.

Research also showed that 40% of those who shop online prefer alternative payments methods such as e-wallets or cash on delivery.

Leslie Choo, general manager and vice president of ACI Worldwide, said that this made it “imperative that merchants provide secure payments options for their clients”.

Amazon Dash launches in London

After the recent launch of Amazon Fresh in limited areas of London, the online retailer is now launching its new Amazon Dash service.

Available only in the same postcodes as Amazon Fresh, Amazon Dash intends to speed up the grocery ordering process online.

Users will now be able to scan the barcode of products, or say the name of it, in order to automatically add something to their basket.

According to Ajay Kavan, Vice President of Amazon Fresh, “at any given time, customers can keep track of products when they come to mind”, and order them as soon as they run out.

Amazon Dash is available for all customers of Amazon Fresh, and will come at no extra charge with their second order until the end of August.

Facebook exceeds $1 billion revenue in Asia-Pacific

Facebook has tipped over the 1 billion US dollar revenue mark in the Asia-Pacific region.

This level of revenue is over double what it was by this point two years ago, and marks the first time the social networking site has broken the barrier in the region.

The milestone has also impressively been reached without the assistance of the Chinese market, where the site is banned.

It is not just the Asia-Pacific market that has seen such a large increase, Facebook’s European turnover has also doubled in the past two years, whilst it has tripled in the US and Canada.

TV advertising is most popular ad format in US

Around half of advertising agencies in the US believe that their clients are more interested in television advertising than any other medium.

The research, which surveyed 84 agency professionals and was undertaken by Strata, says that whilst 49% said spot TV received the highest interest, it was followed by digital with 31%.

Interestingly however, it was revealed that only 4% said their clients were interested in mobile advertising.

Whilst TV advertising spend is expected to lose its top spot to digital before 2020, it currently leads the way with an estimated 70 billion US dollars due to be spent on it this year.

Venezuela ramps up internet censorship

And finally, Venezuela has blocked over 370 internet portals and 43 internet domains.

Of the sites, nearly 20% are news media and 19% are blog sites that are openly critical of President Maduro and his administration.

The most high profile of the pages to be blocked was that of Columbian news channel NTN 24, which has been blocked by all internet providers across the country.

The study came from the Institute for Press and Society of Venezuela, who were looking at web behaviour in the country from 2015 to 2016 and assessing freedom of speech on the Internet.

An official from the society said that “criteria for blocking websites seem to correspond to Venezuelan political specificity”, but also noted that the study did not look further into internet censorship in the country.

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